Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sara's Flirty Skirt

Seven years ago when I was making these little skirts, Riah commented that she wished she had a girl! Now she does! So I had to make a Flirty Skirt for little Sara! When I found my pattern, I couldn't quite remember how it went together, so I thought I'd post done instructional step by step photos! 

So it's actually two complete skirts----this was the floral, which is actually the under skirt. So I stitched the waistband to form the tube, gathered the ruffle then measured it to fit the waistband before stitching ends together then gathered on to the waistband. 

The smaller top ruffle is polka dot 

So gather each ruffle strip and stitch it to the waistbands.

Remove the basting-gathering stitch

I serged before hemming, and when attaching ruffles to waistbands
Place top skirt over under skirt and stitch top

Turn down and stitch to make elastic casing

Turn inside out and isn't it cute?

Won't these be darling on Miss Sara?

Even a matching Mommy and me apron set with cupcakes!