Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Last Lecture

If you haven't heard this one, it's 76 minutes long, and well worth the time listening

Thursday, June 9, 2011


It has almost been a year since I've added to this blog--where does the time go? My recovery process is going well, and I'm back in the email, FB and Blogger saddle again, hoping I'll be able to get out and enjoy some sunshine, if it ever finds Idaho!

Meanwhile, I'm doing a bit of berry research for my niece---here ya go Maylee! Happy Berry Picking!

Soon it will be that wonderful berry picking season!





Here are some ideas for berry pickers! Great Ice Pop recipe---
what to do with the mush at the bottom of the berry bowl!

Oat can or recycled container with fabric necklace tied on

More buckets...

Here's a clever idea for an almost spill proof huckleberry or blueberry picker

This is what I remember---cut out milk jugs with ties that went around our waists---sure wish I had a picture of me and your mom to put on here---wouldn't that be a hoot!

Here's another clever idea!

Here's a great recipe for those berries at the bottom that are still full of flavor, but smashed:
Just add enough fruit juice (apple or other) to make it easy to pour into your pop molds. Freeze and enjoy!