Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gardening Fun

We went to an auction at our local garden shop yesterday. They had some wonderful buys. I picked up some bulbs and perennials. These are "garden grafitti" signs a friend of mine makes and sells there. I think they are cute. I've got to order more.

This is Mandy's peppermint that she started from a single start a couple of years ago. It has really taken off. She loves peppermint tea. We'll have to try and dry some leaves this year.

The Hollyhock starts from another friend are coming up this year.

This is a Beefsteak tomato plant.

The thornless blackberries I planted last year are sure to get some berries on them this year!

This is a new start of thornless raspberries from my same friend that shared her blackberry starts with us. We're not looking for any berries from this one until next year.

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