Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Letter 2009 Happy 2010!

Trip to Canada

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From The Posyluzny’s & Peeps Families!

Dear Family and Friends, Christmas 2009
It has been a great holiday season for us, and we hope you enjoyed this Christmas season and are welcoming in the New Year---2010! Yes, here we are in our Boise State togs. Bronco Claus was good to us this year and brought us all our favorite Blue & Orange! How about those Broncos in this year’s Fiesta Bowl? We were so proud! You may also notice our red and white hats, mittens and scarf. Thanks to Auntie Em and Uncle Sonny we’ll be watching the Winter Games in style, with our official Olympic wear!
Bear has had a busy year at school, with some minor changes in his school assignments. He has been at the high school this year and took on a coaching job; the bowling team. He is bowling on a league again this year, and cashed in at the state bowling tournament. He bowls in Nationals this spring at Reno. It will be a family vacation over spring break for us. Bear’s buddy, Coach Kramer got passes to a Boise State game this fall (Nevada), so we all headed to Boise. Boise State finished a second year being undefeated! After a long day of shopping, Mandy and Mom watched from the hot tub at the hotel! We were all wishing we had tickets to the Fiesta Bowl, what a great game. Bear won the friendly wager at work, and cashed in on that. Of course, as soon as the snow melts enough to see the greens, he’ll be back out on the golf course. He golfed in the Tres Amigos tournament with 2 other guys last summer—they cashed in and took 1st place! He was also able to meet famous golfer, Johnny Miller who was in town for the Bill Mendenhall Invitational. A highlight this year for Bear was being able to meet Elder Dallin H. Oaks at a Burley stake meeting. He had heard him speak years ago on Guam, so this was neat for him to be able to see and talk to him again.
Julee’s big news for this year is that she completed her case study, internship, and course work in for her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She will graduate this December! Woo Hoo! Administration jobs are far and few between right now, but she’s just glad to have the credentials when the opportunity does arise. In her spare time you can catch her on FaceBook, (Julee Gust Posyluzny) or updating her blogs. If you haven’t checked them out, the addresses are:,, and ---as if one blog is not enough to keep up! Stop by and see what the Posyluzny’s are up to: crafts, canning, projects, animals, and one of this year’s highlights: “Jewel’s Birds,” the wonderful “Peeps Family” that roosted on our front porch this spring. Jewel was able to watch and document this little family from the time the nest was built until final flight!
Mandy is busy enjoying being an official “teenager” this year! It’s all about the B’s: Boys, Beehive president, Boys, Basketball, Boys, Boarding (snowboarding), and did I mention Boys? She still plays the piano and started saxophone this year in band. She’s on the dance team and ski club. Her grades are great! She will be a tutor 3rd Trimester at the elementary school. She had a great basketball season. She’s quite the little rebounder and made lots of her shots! She was starting 5 all season and played every game. She had an injury in the last game, which resulted in deep contusions on the elbow. We didn’t think she’d get to play tournament, but she did. She’s quite the Cardinals fan---just ask her about that Vikings game---“Oh ya, Fitzgerald, he’s my boy!”
This summer we were able to enjoy a great trip to Canada and Spokane where we visited relatives and attended a wedding. It was fun to see many of you again. If you are ever down this direction, be sure to give us a call. We’d love to hear from you! We wish you the peace and happiness that this season brings, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Best wishes in the New Year!
Love, The Posyluzny’s

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