Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little Something for my newest little "Great Niece," who by the way, happens to be the cutest thing North or South of the Mason Dixon Line!

Is this not the cutest little "cabbage patch" you ever did see?

One month later, she has grown into those cheeks!

I can just see her in this little tutu I made for her. Her mom is not crazy about the color pink, so I decided on red and white. The hot pink and lime green ones are darling too!
Thanks to my friend Cheryl's tutu tutorial, this was so fun and easy to make! I just got a waist measurement from her Grammie Becki who pulled a fast one while she was sleeping, then I made a band out of elastic that would fit her tummy and knotted the strips of tulle around it. I wanted it to be more red than white, so I did 2 red strips to 1 white one.

I traded some baby things with an Etsy pal and ordered these personalized bloomers to go under the tutu.

Another friend makes these interchangeable hats, headbands and clip on flowers.
After all, a girl can never have too many accessories!
I can't wait to see Miss Zayda in her new things! I'll have to pick up a white one-zie and get them off in the mail to her soon.
Auntie Jewel loves you Zayda Rain!

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  1. Hey, so our internet wasn't working while we were in Charlotte, but we are home now, so i have been able to pull this up and finally leave you a comment about this!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am gonna love putting her in her very own tutu!! I LOVE those things :). And we love the bloomers and i've so been needing some hair accessories for her, so thank you again so much and you will definitely get pics of her in it all!!