Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Latest Skirts!

It's amazing what you can find at the thrift shop (IYR). I wanted to make these denim skirts, but didn't really have any jeans that were worn enough to cut the legs off, so I got the idea to check the thrift shop. Would you believe, Cruel Girl, Rockies, and Calvin Klein's all for $2.50 a pair! I whacked them right off and added this cute bandanna print fabric below. Mandy had a friend over, so I made one for her too! I think they turned out cute. The girls were downstairs playing when I asked them to come up and try on their skirts. Don't they look cute pajama bottoms and all?


  1. Very cute!! I wish I could think of things like that. Love it!! julie

  2. Oh my word, how fun are those?! I have a sewing machine, but it just sits since I'm not very talented in that arena. I love those skirts - SUPER cute!!!

  3. Hannah,
    I have the flirty skirt pattern posted on my blog, but there's no pattern for these. Just cut off a pair of jeans that fit and gather or pleat a stip of desired length of fabrid to the bottom and voila! instant skirt!
    I'm working on a scrappy shabby chique denim skirt next! Check back and I'll blog it when I'm finished!

  4. Hey Jewel -- I love the skirts, what a fun idea. I may have to try that one. And love the skirt models. :D She was definetly one of my fav.:D
    Are you doing summer school this year?
    How can you with all this stuff you have going on? Gonna go check out your blogs. :D

    See ya.