Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Easy Holiday Table Runners

Here's an easy holiday project you can whip up in 4 simple seams! You only need 1/3 yard (12 inches) of fabric for the center, and 1/2 yard (18 inches) of fabric for the back and sides!

With a rotary cutter, even out your 2 pieces of fabric, trimming to make sure they are the same length (width of fabric runs so different)
Next, with right sides together, serge both long side seams, to make a tube.

Then, turn that tube rightside out and press to make even borders on your runner. Fold your center inside and serge across top and bottom to make your points. You can see where I pressed this one. I forgot to take a photo of this fold over step as I was doing it!

Last, turn your point rightside out to hide your seam, and press to make a point.

Some of the gals in our RS group were top stitching, but that is optional!

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