Sunday, March 21, 2010


Spring Break found us in Reno at the Nationals where Bear bowled.

Let's see if we can win "the big one!"
Okay, scratch this off my Bucket List!

Arriving at the Bowling Stadium in style!

Hot Pink and Purple...not exactly my colors!

Bowling lanes as far as the eye can see. There's Bear, in the red (in front of the bald guy in the white shirt). Bear bowled REALLY great games! He had 6 strikes in a row in one game! He came home and bowled in his Thursday night league and bowled 2 back to back games--12 strikes in a row! It was 2 games, so didn't count for a 300 game, but he's getting close!

Daddy and Daughter

After a couple of hours.....bordem has set in!

A little drama

We stayed at The Silver Legacy

Big.....big chair in the lobby

1st time eating at a Long John Silver's.....very exciting!

The Diva won all this at Circus Circus!

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